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The sports dresses for women that we have in Be Urban Running are not exactly a garment to practice sport.

On the one hand we have dresses from the best and most cutting-edge sports brands that will look great to wear before and after your training and competitions.

And we also have streetwear, casual or lifestyle dresses.  They are comfortable, they are stylish, they will enhance your feminine figure.

Being a sportswoman has nothing to do with forgetting about fashion and design. In fact, nowadays any item of clothing can be worn with a pair of trainers.

Sports dresses for women are an essential item in your wardrobe.

With a sports dress you will always look perfect.  Because you can wear it to go to the swimming pool, to the gym or anywhere where you practice your favourite sport.

And if it's a casual dress, it's ideal for going to the bar to have a refreshing drink after exercise or to go to the beach or the mountains to unwind.

Obviously spring and summer are the ideal seasons to wear your sports dress, although there are warm areas where you can wear them most months of the year.

Sports or casual dress by adidas
Sports or casual dress by Armani EA7
Sporty or casual dress by Banana Moon
Sporty or casual dress by Calvin Klein
Sports or casual dress from Champion
Sports or casual dress from Ellesse
Sports or casual dress from Guess
Sports or casual dress from Lacoste
Sports or casual dress from Puma
Sports or casual dress from Roxy
Sporty or casual dress for bath, spa or swimming pool
T-shirt with straps as a sports dress.
Sports dress with straps.

When we talk about a sports dress, it will surely be a dress with some kind of print.

Regarding the fabric of the dress, there are dresses made of cotton, polyester and recycled polyester.

If you are going to stay at home or do some relaxed activity, a cotton dress is ideal.  But if you are going to move or walk, it is better to choose one with a more breathable fabric.

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