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Running in the mountains seems to be the same as running on the road or on asphalt.   All you need is a T-shirt, trousers, socks and shoes. Although all of these are better if they are technical trail running items.

But in the mountains, it will almost never be enough.  Depending on the distance, the weather, or if it is at night, you will need to carry certain accessories to be able to run more safely and comfortably.

For example, when it's very sunny, it's good to wear a technical cap or a trail running visor.  This will not only protect you from the sun but will also shade your eyes.

When it is quite cold or we feel colder because of the humidity, for many trail runners it will be essential to train and compete with gloves.

For more intense trail runners it is essential to wear a headlamp that is placed on the head.  At night they will need illumination to see the path they need to follow.  It is also used by those who walk at night in areas without public lighting.

Quality running belts for mountain running are made of technical, flexible and minimalist fabrics.

Hydration backpacks from a brand like Salomon allow you to stay hydrated while running. They also allow you to carry the essential items you need to run safely and comfortably in the mountains.

Calf pads and sleeves are textile accessories to give you compression.  They allow blood to circulate better through your limbs.  This delays muscle fatigue and makes recovery from training quicker later on.

Compression textile accessories also help your muscles stay in place and allow you to run better.

At Be Urban Running you can find the following accessories:

Led Lenser running headlamp

Running poles from Leki and Ferrino.

Salt belt by Lurbel

Hydration waistcoats from brands such as Lurbel and Salomon.

Compressport: visors for trail running, and also valid for triathlon and running.

Technical caps for trail running, lightweight and breathable from Nike, Adidas, etc.

Technical belts for trail running from Lurbel

Very lightweight technical running gloves from Salomon and Izas

Hydration bottles to carry in your backpack or hydration belt from Salomon and Nike

Lurbel and Compressport have some excellent calf sleeves and sleeves for trail running, running and triathlon

Headbands, headbands and headbands from Lurbel and Under Armour

Do you have any questions?

At Be Urban Running, we are there for customers who ask us about trail running accessories. We help you choose the right accessories.  Our staff will help you to find the ones that fit your characteristics and needs as a trail runner.

At the bottom right of our website you will find the WhatsApp channel icon. There you can contact us to answer any questions you may have about trail running accessories.  

Find the trail running accessories that we have in Be Urban Running

Put in the search engine trail running accessories or the specific model you want to buy.

In the top menu of the website you can also go to accessories, and choose Accessories and Trail Running.  And under Sports, Trail Running, Accessories.

If there is the item you are looking for: buy it now !!!! Normally we have few units and then we don't have more of that model. Remember that returns and first size exchanges are free of charge.

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