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Welcome to our trail running section, where we have three sections:

Trail Running Shoes for men and women
Trail Running Clothing for men and women
Trail Running accessories for men and women

At Be Urban Running we always offer original technical articles from sports brands.

The technical trail running shoes, clothing and accessories are specially designed for running in the mountains or on forest trails in the best conditions.

The garments, the upper part of the footwear and some trail running complements are made with fabrics based on nylon or polyester fibres with a mixture of other fibres to give them elasticity such as elastane or lycra...

That is why all of them have these characteristics:

    Very breathable.
    They have elasticity.
    They do not chafe the skin, because they do not stick to it.
    They dry quickly after getting wet.
    In some cases they are anti-odour and anti-fungus.
    When they incorporate Gore Tex they are more waterproof, while allowing perspiration.

Cotton is a natural fibre and it is very suitable for when you are resting or wearing on a daily basis.  And it is not recommended for use in technical sportswear.

Because cotton retains and accumulates the sweat you generate when running or practising any other sport.  And it can accumulate up to 80% of its weight in water. So it will cause those annoying chafing on your skin.

The technical shoes for Trail Running are very different from the ones for Running.

The biggest difference is that they are heavier shoes, especially those designed for running on terrain with a lot of loose stones.  Because that heavier weight comes from giving more protection to the foot.

They are also shoes that have a better grip. Essential for the terrains where you are going to run.

- When you go out to train and compete, do it with technical socks.

Versatile trail running shoes

These are shoes that you can run very well on mountain trails and tracks and are more affordable than more technical shoes.  And they will suit many trail runners, especially those who are just starting to run in the mountains. An example is the Brooks Cascadia, or the Asics Trabuco.

In the case of trail running, the same shoes are usually used for training and competition.  

Trail running shoes are usually more stable than running shoes, and their soles are somewhat wider, especially at the rear.

- The best shoes are the ones that fit you best when you try them on -

The garments for mountain running are these:

    Trail Running T-shirt
    Trail Running Shorts or Trousers
    Trail Running Socks
    Trail Running Wind Jacket
    Trail Running Waterproof Jacket
    Trail Running Tights

When running with a hydration pack, this should be taken into account when choosing a T-shirt.  We will choose a slightly more consistent one to be able to "suffer" the friction of the backpack apart from the chafing of the vegetation.

Remember that in many competitions it is compulsory to wear a windproof and waterproof jacket for trail running.

Trail running accessories are:

Hydration waistcoats and hydration belts, calf pads, gloves, hip belts, headbands, hats and neck scarves.

Here it is also important to know when and how to use these items.  And here it is clearer than ever, the more technical they are, the better they will suit us all.

Belts are usually used on runs of less than 25 km.  And hydration waistcoats in training or competitions of more than that distance.

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