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Be Urban Running is an ecommerce specialised in Running articles.
Here you will find exclusive running shoes and clothing, always of the highest quality for running.

What to take into account when buying running shoes:

When you are looking for running shoes remember to keep in mind these three factors that are very important to determine which shoe is the most suitable for you.  These are your weight, the type of stride and the pace at which you run (or at which you want to compete).

The right running shoes will help you avoid injuries.

The heavier you are, the more cushioned your shoes need to be.

Depending on your stride, you should choose running shoes for overpronators or neutral shoes.  Of course, runners who wear running insoles buy neutral shoes.

A pronator footprint, if not corrected, will lead to injuries in the long term, and in the meantime at least discomfort and overloading.

The pace at which you run is an important aspect to take into account.  At slower paces it is better to choose a shoe with more cushioning.  The same goes for those who run long distances.

The type of terrain you run on is also essential to know when choosing your running shoes. Running on asphalt is one thing and running on dirt is another, whether it's on roads or in the mountains.

Does it rain a lot where you live?

A training shoe will last longer than a racing shoe.

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