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Why use compression sportswear when doing sport?

Compression garments exert pressure around the area where the garment is worn, usually on the forearms, feet, calves and chest.

This pressure has two benefits:
It improves blood flow, making your muscles more oxygenated.

It keeps the muscles in position and redirects the vibrations caused by each stride.

And the benefits generated by these two virtues are:

It delays the onset of fatigue.
Performance is improved.
It reduces recovery time after training or competitions.
Limiting muscle damage and the risk of injury.

How do compression garments work?

Compression garments are made from stretch fabrics, with seamless technology to ensure physiological benefits and optimal comfort.

Just as New Balance used some of the knowledge from orthopaedic shoes to create its running shoes, compression garments are derived from those used for medical purposes in post-operative treatments decades ago.

Their basic mission was the recovery of muscle tissue and the activation of blood circulation.

Nowadays, their use is widespread.  In any competition you will see runners with calf pads, thigh pads and sleeves.

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Under Armour

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