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sports compression

Compression sportswear is designed and manufactured to help improve blood circulation.  

They facilitate these three things

Blood oxygenation.

Recovery after training or competition.

The positioning of certain muscles in place because the compression prevents them from moving a little.

Compression garments put pressure on the area they cover.  This pressure causes the blood supply to increase and the muscles to stabilise.

When the blood flow increases, muscle oxygenation increases and thus the athlete can perform better.

At the same time, compression sportswear helps to achieve better recovery.  The waste products generated after physical activity are better eliminated from the blood.  They are eliminated more quickly and efficiently.

Running compression garments are also used for trail running.  And they can be upper body garments as well as lower body garments.
Some compression garments are for racing or training.  Others are for wearing after a training session or competition.

For the upper body there are compression shirts and compression sleeves.

Compression shirts give you that better muscle performance due to better blood flow.  The tight-fitting design also gives you better support.

They are also made with thermal fabrics that help keep the body at the right temperature, because they are very breathable.

Compression sleeves do the same for the arms, improving muscle performance and preventing injuries by improving venous return and increasing blood circulation.

For the lower body there are several compression garments:

Compression stockings: The specific design of compression stockings facilitates venous return and blood circulation, which leads to injury prevention and improves both muscle performance and recovery after physical activity.

Compression socks: these are not normally used for running, but for recovery after training or competition.

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