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front light

Headlamps have an almost infinite number of uses

For running at night, for trekking, for camping or simply for hiking. Yes, headlamps are for outdoor sports in poor visibility conditions.

The running headlamp is the best solution to light up when you go out for sports when the sun is not shining.

They are small, lightweight, robust, easy to handle and thanks to their ergonomics, carrying them around is almost no problem at all.

The most important features of the running headlamp

The main feature is comfort. They allow you to make any movement while they illuminate you. They leave your hands free.

They have LED bulbs.  They now have a higher light output and their energy consumption has been considerably reduced. They also reduce their impact on the environment as they are recyclable.

The light beam illuminates in the same direction in which we direct our vision.

They are now equipped with rechargeable batteries and can also be powered by batteries.

What to take into account when choosing a running headlamp

Look at the lumens it has.  The more lumens, the more light will come out of the headlamp. However, in return, the power consumption will be higher.

The maximum range indicates how far the headlamp's light can reach, it is a measure of the distance in metres.  The greater the distance, the greater the safety you will have when running, you will be able to see better what obstacles may be in your way.

The range indicates how long the batteries will last. It refers to the maximum time the headlamp can run without changing the battery or recharging it. The autonomy varies depending on the type of battery or battery used.


Our Led Lenser headlamp brand incorporates the Advanced Focus System (AFS) technology.  With it you can change the type of focus.  You can have it centred on a point (ideal for when you have to see at a long distance) or out of focus (so that the diameter of the circle of light is larger).

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