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Trail Running Hydration Vests

When you go running in the mountains you should do so with a higher level of safety than when you simply go for a running workout.

Your hydration waistcoat, clothing, socks and shoes need to be appropriate and technical items for trail running.

The wonderful virtue of hydration waistcoats is that they allow mountain runners to drink without having to stop and thus avoid losing pace in the race.

In reality, a hydration waistcoat is an ultra-lightweight storage system for absolutely essential items that allows you total freedom of movement.  It is also absolutely essential in hot weather.

In the hydration backpack you can also store your gels, your car keys, some food and the waterproof jacket that is mandatory in competitions.

You can carry one, two or more hydration bottles in it. It is recommended that they are softflasks, rubber bottles that when emptied are reduced to almost nothing.

When there are two or more bottles you can carry different drinks in each of them, and thus have a more complete hydration according to your needs.

If the route is short, you can also carry a hydration belt, which is more minimalist.

Softflasks range from 150ml to 500ml.

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Buy hydration waistcoats from the following brands

Lurbel hydration waistcoat

The North Face hydration waistcoat

Salomon Hydration Vest

Nike Running Hydration Vest

Salomon Hydration Belt

Features of a hydration waistcoat:

Usually has two front pockets for two 500ml bottles in each.

They also usually have a central rear pocket.

They have parts or details that are reflective, to be more visible if they illuminate you in low light conditions.

The fabrics of hydration waistcoats combine the characteristics of both strength and breathability.

And although they are tough fabrics on the inside, they are usually seamless to avoid chafing against your shirt, which can be very annoying.

The pockets are usually easy to open but are sometimes secured with a Velcro strip for added security.

Running in the mountains is best done with a technical hydration waistcoat. Trail running waistcoats.

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