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At Be Urban Running we have two types of caps, technical sports caps and casual caps.  With the technical caps you can practice your favourite sport protected from the heat and the sun's rays.  In addition to printing your style of dress.

We have caps of the following brands: Nike, Adidas, New Era, Salomon, Under Armour, Lurbel, Roxy, Quicksilver...

If you practice any type of outdoor exercise, there are many disciplines, especially in the summer season, it is clear that on sunny days a technical sports cap is going to be an essential accessory.

As simple and lightweight as it is, the cap is a very functional garment for several reasons and has many more applications.

And for activities such as going for a walk it can also be an essential accessory.

On those days when the heat is high, it is essential to protect your head from the sun, as exposing it to the sun's effects for several hours can lead to the risk of sunstroke.

Exposure to the sun at high temperatures, while playing sport, without a cap or visor has been proven to be dangerous.  So we recommend that to protect yourself when doing any sporting activity and dehydration increases in our body we need to wear a cap.

In addition with the visor that all the caps have, we will protect our eyes from the excessive luminosity that is going to bother us.

Advantages of Caps

They protect you from the heat of the sun.

With the visor, they create a shadow in your eyes.  This will reduce the effort they have to make to focus your eyes.

Breathability (in technical caps): thanks to these properties of perspiration, you will avoid being hot and (never better said) your head will not get hot.

It also prevents much of your sweat from running down your face.

They go perfectly with jeans, sneakers and of course with sweatshirts, especially with hoodies.

Types of caps

Technical running cap

Caps for men

Caps for women

Children's caps

Caps for casual wear

Lifestyle Caps

Baseball cap

Cap for trekking, hiking, outdoors, urban trekking...

Men's or women's casual caps

Flat visor caps

What type of closure is the most comfortable?

In general you will find different types of fastenings on our caps,

Normally caps come with three types of fastenings: Velcro fastenings, buckle fastenings and lace fastenings.  With all of them you will be able to adjust it perfectly to your head.

Cap fabrics

Salomon has caps for trail running made of waterproof Bonatti fabric (100% Polyamide) with sealed seams. It is highly breathable and has a very fast drying time.

Under Armour has running caps with UA 100% polyester fabric, highly breathable and with factor 30 for protection from the sun's rays.

Durable stretch fabric provides a comfortable fit.

Nike has Dri-fit fabric for great breathability.

Adidas has Clima-Cool technology.

Be Urban Running Guarantee

At Be Urban Running, returns and first item or size exchanges are free.  And we have free shipping on purchases over £49.99 (within Spain).

You have 12 months to return your purchase.

Our Customer Service is free (652 65 84 76). You can also contact us via Whatsapp.  And will be happy to answer any questions or doubts you may have.

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