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In this section of the website you will find the following articles

Flip-flops or flip-flops
Swimming goggles for pool and/or triathletes
Swimming trunks
Headbands to protect your ears
Swimming caps
Swimming fins
Swimming flip flops for children

Neoprene ear protection headband

The Ras neoprene headband will give you maximum hearing insulation when you're swimming in the pool or in the sea.

It is made of 100% neoprene, so it is very comfortable, flexible and adjustable.

Rinse after use and allow to dry before storing.  So it gives you ergonomic and comfortable hearing protection.

Swimming goggles: things to consider

The right goggles can help you improve your personal best in a competition (if you are in a position to do so).

And the wrong goggles can ruin both training and competitions.

Glasses are something very personal and specific for one activity or another.  That is why we must be very clear about how we want them and in which activity we are going to use them.  

For example, for swimming in the sea it is important that swimming goggles have a certain darkening or mirror effect to bounce the sun's rays.  On the other hand, this would take away a lot of vision in the swimming pool.  Where the lenses must be completely clear.

Therefore, for training in the pool we must have some goggles and for training in the sea or open water, others.

The lenses

Another important point is that the lenses of the open water swimming goggles must be of superior quality to the pool lenses.

In the middle of open water we must be able to see:

Where the buoys are
The volume of the waves
Where the exit of the water is...

So if we choose polarised and photochromic lenses, all the better (photochromic lenses are those that get darker as more sunlight hits them).

The skirt

It is the internal part of the glasses that has that suction effect to join the lenses with our face skin, and creating that watertightness of the glasses.

This part must be flexible.  Better made of rubber or silicone than foam.

The test you should do is: put on the glasses without the elastic and tighten them to fit them well. If they feel loose and don't fall off, it means they are right for you.

The swimming costume

We can talk about: Swimming costume, Swimsuit Dress, Swimming trunks and Swimsuit.  Because in each country there is a predominant meaning.
It is not the same a swimming costume to enjoy the beach or the swimming pool, or even to go for a walk, than a swimming costume to train or compete.

A casual swimming costume has more fashionable characteristics and the requirements for a swimming costume are much more technical characteristics.

Characteristics of swimming trunks

    They should be made of high quality, flexible, comfortable and soft fabrics.  
    They should fit snugly to the body without being uncomfortable.
    Allowing total freedom of movement.
    Maximum support.
    Some are made with chlorine-resistant fabrics.
    And if they are in the latest trend, all the better.

The fit is very important so that water does not get inside and to avoid "incidents" when doing laps or jumping out of the water.

A women's technical swimming costume can also be very elegant or attractive depending on the thickness of the straps and the shape of the straps...

Fabrics for a very technical swimming costume for women

Polyester: high friction resistance, high elasticity and excellent resistance to chlorine (as long as it is 100% polyester).  Ideal for swimming costumes for daily swimmers.

Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT): another type of polyester that is highly resistant to abrasion, friction and high temperatures.  It is specially designed for professional swimmers (it is a more expensive fabric).

Fabrics for a swimming costume for more sporadic use

Polyamide: flexible and elastic fabric, resistant to friction and chemicals.

Elastane: elastic and stretchy fibre, also ideal for occasional swimmers, and should be washed in cold water.

Swimming, beach or pool flip-flops

Wearing flip-flops is a matter of a very personal style of dress.  But it is also important when it comes to safety.  Because we must avoid slipping and infections.

The most important detail is that flip flops must be comfortable.

In Be Urban Running we have rubber sandals that can perfectly do the function of booties or clogs, being much more beautiful to look at.

For many people, flip-flops are a bit more comfortable than toe flip-flops.  But for others, toe flip-flops are much cooler.

Always make sure that the bottom of the sole is slip-resistant.

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