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For those who are not much of anglicism users, we will tell you that Trekking in Spanish can be translated as senderismo and formerly excursionismo (although some people will say that this is simplifying too much).

The word Treck arose in the 1970s. From the route that professional mountaineers had to take to get to base camp when they were going to climb an 8,000.  These treks could last several days.  And in those years there was no other possibility.

- Trekking is not about walking a lot, it's about living the journey - it's about walking the path.

Yes, it's about walking in the mountains.  And usually it's about long walks.  On easy terrain such as mountain trails or more difficult terrain where you have to walk in single file.  The intensity of the exercise can vary according to the ability of the walkers.  

The Anglo-Saxons also talk about hiking, which is walking at a more leisurely pace over easy terrain.  For them, the outdoors is somewhat more physically demanding.  There are even those who choose to go where there are no defined paths.

At Be urban Runnning we have items for low to medium intensity hiking.  We try to meet the needs of the majority of our customers.

- Wear the right hiking shoes to protect your feet and legs -

The great thing about the outdoors is that it can be done by anyone who can walk.  And anyone of any age.

Lately, people are also talking about urban outdoor activities.  Because if you go sightseeing in a city, you may end up walking for several hours.

Characteristics of outdoor activities

It is a sport oriented towards being in contact with nature.

It is done in a non-competitive spirit.

It's not just walking, you can go sightseeing, take photos, stop to see species of flowers, plants or animals...

Even when you go in a group, each person looks at what interests them.

When you go in a group there will be people who enjoy the conversation more than the walking itself.


Walking on mountain routes, even if they are close to towns, can always involve some small risk.  From getting lost to injuring a body part.

But the measures to minimise these risks are very simple:

    Know what the weather is going to be like.  Wear at least a waterproof jacket to protect you from the cold or rain. Although this will depend on the season of the year and the geographical area where we are.

    Know the route you are going to take.  Take your mobile phone, a map or a GPS.

    Take a drink to hydrate yourself and some food to replenish your strength.  At least one piece of fruit or dried fruit.

Characteristics of outdoor footwear


It should have a reinforced rubber toe cap to protect the toes, a heel counter to protect the back of the foot, side and instep protection.

Do not forget that on mountain paths, it is easy to be hit by stones, roots, fallen branches, etc.

If we are going to walk on very rocky terrain we will also need ankle protection.  Normally, choosing a medium or mid-calf boot is enough.  And if we want total protection, we should choose a high-top boot.

We must walk with a stable footing in order to be sure-footed on normally uneven trails.


We need to have traction with every step we take, without slipping or sliding.  And even more so on wet or muddy terrain.

Breathability - waterproofing

For routes that are not in winter it is advisable to use more breathable shoes.  Especially from the middle to the bottom of the Iberian Peninsula.

And for areas where there are routes with a lot of water and humidity, boots and shoes with Gore Tex are recommended.  This waterproofs the fabric and at the same time allows a lot of breathability.


Outdoor shoes or boots should be comfortable.  They will be stiffer than the sports shoes we are used to.  And the tread will be somewhat harder.  But after many kilometres you will feel that comfort.

Characteristics of outdoor clothing

It is advisable to use clothing with suitable technical characteristics, such as:

Being light, although somewhat more consistent to protect us from chafing from branches and backpacks.
Be very breathable.
Elastic fabrics, some more than others.
That they do not cause chafing on the skin.
They do not stick to the skin.
Quick drying after getting wet.
Have anti-odour and anti-fungal properties.

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